Saint Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church, Barangay Lu-ag, Dueñas, Iloilo, Philippines

Fundraising Message 

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ - greetings of peace and love!


I am writing on behalf of the faithful people of Barangay Lu-ag, Duenas, Iloilo, Philippines.

Barangay Lu-ag is the place where I was born and brought-up. I was the S.K. Chairman for a time and used to be a catechist teacher there. I remember, back in the 1980s, that we used to pray and teach catechism to young children under a tree because there was no church. I left many years ago with a dream that, someday, I would return to bring the Good News to the people and their children who are still living in poverty. Residents of Barangay Lu-ag are mostly labourers and often have no permanent source of income.

Two years ago, I returned to the Barangay and noticed that nothing much had really changed - except that several old people who had helped me with the novena of Saint Vincent Ferrer and our annual May flower festival were already dead. I felt very sad that they were gone before I could fulfil my dream for them.

During my brief visit, the Barangay Captain asked me if I could help them build a church that they could use for their worship and prayers. The church will also give them the opportunity to baptise their children, conduct catechisms, officiate marriage ceremonies, perform burial masses, celebrate the novena of Flores de Mayo (May flower festival), hold the community Christmas Party, celebrate Holy Week and have a home for many other church and religious activities.

Until now Barangay Lu-ag hasn’t had a church and the people only celebrate mass once a year during their annual festival. They are very religious and faithful but most of them cannot afford to travel to town to attend Mass every Sunday.

For the people of Barangay Lu-ag, their own church building will bring their community closer together and the more active church life will help guide young people physically, socially and morally.

Mrs. Consolacion Laguartilla, the Barangay Captain is very generously donating 600 square meters of land and the people of the Barangay are dedicated to construct the new church free of charge. I will be making a personal monetary donation and also will be sponsoring a monthly Mass in the village once the new church is built. We are aiming to start construction in April 2010 when I will next be visiting. We are now starting to fund-raise the GBP 1,500 needed initially to finance the project.

In order to fulfil our mission to bring the Good News and message of love to the poor of this rural community we need your financial assistance. Please help us build the new Saint Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church in Barangay Lu-ag.

All monies raised will be used to buy construction materials, chairs and other furniture needed inside the church. The name of all donors will be published on our website and recorded in the donors’ book to be kept in the altar inside the church. Also, donors’ intentions and prayer requests will be read during the blessing of the new church and will also be included during the Mass celebration every month for twelve consecutive months.

All donations will be most gratefully received, regardless of size. I am coordinating the collection of funds in the UK. All monies received will be properly accounted for. A full record of the funds and their transfer to the project will be kept and will be available for inspection. All donations will be acknowledged and receipted in writing. Financial statements for the project, progress reports and photographs will be maintained on the project website.

Full details of how to make a donation are given on the FUND RAISING page. 

In closing, let me share with you Proverbs chapter 11 verses 24 to 25, the bible says, “One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed”.

Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” II Corinthians 9:7

I believe together we can make a big difference and transform the lives of many less fortunate people in Barangay Lu-ag, Duenas, Iloilo, Philippines.

Faithfully yours,

Chairman of the International Fundraising Committee

A donation slip can be found at the bottom of the PDF version of this message and printed.


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