ABOUT LU-AG - St Vincent Ferrer Church, Barangay Luag, Duenas, Iloilo, Philippines

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About Barangay Lu-ag

Barangay Lu-ag is one of the 47 barangays that make up the Municipality of Duenas, in the 4th Congressional District of Iloilo province, Philippines. Iloilo is located within the Western Visayas region, occupying the southeast part of Panay Island.

A barangay is the smallest unit of administrative government in the Philippines, something like a parish council in the United Kingdom.

Lu-ag has a land area of 0.97 square kilometres and a population of around 422 people in some 74 households (Source: Duenas official website - these 2007 figures are based on the 2000 census figures uplifted by an AGR of 1.30%). The principal economic activity is agriculture (rice, corn and sugarcane).

Most of the citizens of Lu-ag are subsistence farmers and/or labourers, working on the land or at any casual work that they are able to find.

Lu-ag is rural and agricultural.  Much of the land is laid to rice, but also to corn and sugarcane.  All the agriculture in Lu-ag is manual, there are no tractors or major items of machinery.  The carabao is the main friend of the farmer, used for ploughing the fields.  Most Houses in the Barangay are simple, either nipa huts with grass roofs or constructed from bamboo with a  galvanised iron roof.

Photographs: Liza Lanada
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